tiburon Interface kit

Start your app web and mobile right with huge interface components based in Smart System Design.

One symbol, unlimited possibility

You no longer need to design the user interface elements from scratch. Simply place a single symbol and reuse again and again.

100% vector components

All components are made 100% in vectors for easy manipulation and editing.

Fully responsive components

Smart System Design also works with groups, so you can create mobile and web applications in minutes.


Smart System Design

Start your app mobile and web right with huge interface components based in Smart System Design.

Say goodbye to design from scratch and hello to flexibility, faster workflows and a whole new way to design. SSD is a symbol-based design system with almost unlimited options for variations, thanks to the large number of nested symbols, graphic styles and fonts.


Component Review

More than 300 base symbols.

classified by the most popular categories for mobile and web application development.


Buttons - Social Buttons - Checkboxes - Ratio Buttons - Slider - Progress Bar - Input - Models - Option Sections - Profile Sections - Menus - Tags - Tooltips - Dots - Chat Globes - Stars - Cards - Manipulators - Date Picker - Steps - Camera Interface - Tabs - Charts - Maps - Media Chart - Media Controls


Anatomy of Symbols

To achieve the greatest possibility of variants, various symbols, graphic styles and fonts were stacked.


Based in a modern System Design

All components are built under 11 base elements, each of them can be edited individually by changing colors, shadows, corner radius. Each one is linked to all the styles of colors raised in the area of customization of graphic styles. Your work will be much simpler and faster with this design system.

A complete, modern and structured graphic styles.

SSD supports you, focus on the important things. Each template of ours is designed and crafted to meet your design needs. All templates are based on the main symbols of "Shapes" and the color customisation table, therefore, they are extremely structured.


3 Crafted templates for ecommerce included

The product includes a template of 30 screens for an e-commerce application in 3 different designs for a total of 90 screens.


Support and

With the product you will find a well-documented pdf where you will find how to use and edit the product at your convenience.

tiburon Interface kit

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